Malaysia attitude? What a shame!

There write "Please do not place your motorcycle here" but still.....
Is the notice not clear or Malaysian don't know their own language? Even they don't know who to read they can read the picture there but why is it still happen? Any one can give any opinion about it?
Because there not only A motorcycle, there are A LOT! Is the notice board not obvious enough? I don't think so because their motorcycle face to the notice board... Who can tell me why?


MM got game! Waaaaahoooooooooo!!!!

YoYo!!!! MM081-1 have Keep Skin group!!

We participate in MM got game and we have two group in our class who participate this game. First group named Soor High (Wee Mei,Wee Hang, Fann and Keivyn)~ Second group is Keep Skin (Me, Ting, Siaw Wei and Kimm).

Firstly, my group participate for just playing around and we feel that we might be the first one who "keep skin".

First game is Wii Fits boxing. Soor High group go first, and their group tag is " we are the soor high my friend~keep skin lah"(sing). Feel so sorry for them because they face a strong group, then they really keep skin already. But nevermind! Our MM soul is still there! Thanks for Soor High group give support to us!

Then we are the last group battle and our tag is "Soor High! Keep skin la!". Kimm go first~ and guess what? She won!! Haha... Because "the guy cannot stand up"? Haha... But I feel is our Kimm geng! Haha...

Then we battle with another group in another game which is tennis. We have won too.
Now semi- final we battle with our "mistery guess" that is our lecture group, which build with MM head , Yenny and two guy lecture(wai khong also got participate for 1 round). Yes, they won but Yi Wei tell us to stay and say lecture group are disqualify so treat as we win.

Then the last round is we battle with class MM078 with is 4 guys... They are quite strong who fight our SoOr High group. We battle using another game which is Wario... Is quite challenging and yet is fun!

Haha!!! Sure our Keep Skin group won la! Then we have photo section. After that we have dinner with MM078 group. LOL!!! Each of us won a 8G pendrive. This is the first time I feel my class is a class(=.=") What am I saying? Any where, today is a good day, memorable and fun day!

Thanks for
Wee Mei
All of my team's member!!!

MM0811!!!!! Com'on! WE CAN SHOW TEAM WORK AS WELL!!!! Gambatte!!!


Develop... Develop... Develop... =.="

Comment pls.... Suggestion pls.... THANKYOU VERY MUCH~~


This is my final figre( I think :p)~~


Not so nice but I draw it for 6 hour =.="


After presentation we take photo~ Everybody trying to kill Wng Hong... Haha^^


This cute poor thing is for me to cut and change it to a tote bag... Later I only post up wad it will be... Poor little bear T.T
White group experiment work... Wad a mess... hahaha... We r trying to draw out children feeling but seem we al fail to do it... Haha...


I go Mid Valley today to visit the exhibition (Global Indian Shopping Festival ). After that the pets shop was attract me... These were the fish i saw there... Cute~



Yeah! Today is my 1st time drive to college by MYSELF!!! Muahaha... Don't worry, I drive safety... Haha... Today rain heavily when i going back... the other car go very fast in speeed and splash the water to my car... I see nothing... luckily I drive in a turtle slow speed... Remember guys, safety 1st not speed!


My dad wrote this (Proton Saga Laozy Car)

What a bad experience!
My daughter Cynthia has passes her driving test and got a "P" driving license. She has graduated from secondary school and in a college now. She has requested for a car so that she can drive from Cheras to Sunway instead of giving us trouble to fetch her to-and-fro everyday. We have read article about new Proton Saga, with so many good comments, we decided to book a new car for her, worth about RM40,000.
After a few months waiting, the salesman finally told us that the car has arrived. I paid the balance of the down payment, and the car was handle over to me on 30th May 2008 (Friday) afternoon 3:00pm at EON office, Taman Mutiara, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. My daughter, Cynthia with excitement, pick up the car with his brother, Eric at 6:00pm after schooling. Driving from the EON office to about 1KM, the car broke down. I called the salesman Kenny, and he seem like it is none of his business, I have to call the Sahabat EON myself.
Handing over A PROBLEM NEW CAR TO CUSTOMER IS NOT HIS BUSINESS????????? Where is consumers rights?
He finally call his friend, a foreman from EON Chan Sow Lin to make a repair. But the car breakdown again and unable to restart a second time when reaching home. The foreman from local service center at Bandar Damai Perdana was unable to fix the problem either.
What a nightmare!!!!!! New car with QC PASS tags!
The car was towed to the EON workshop this morning. Hoping that this time, they can hand over the car with error free!!
Say "No" to Proton for the rest of my life after this incident!!!!!!!

* For more information, pls visit http://y3krecipes.blogspot.com/
Me . Mei Hooi and Ah Xian~
Me and Gangzzz...
Group photo...
Yeah! Best friend~
Group Photo
Missed Mao Mao inside~~

Mei Ling din smile ><
Cutting the cake made by Lai Kuan and friends(I guess)...
Xian XIan... You shd sit properly leh.... YOu look funny...
Haha... Bowling look funny~~